Filling Up Fast/Moonbeam

Guess what! We have filled seven (out of ten)  positions already, so if you’re really interested in joining, get in touch soon!


We’ve been working every day on our crop plan and should be ordering seeds soon. It’s very exciting when the weather is terrible (ahem, freezing fog) to imagine the vegetable deliciousness that awaits us all this summer.

We’re doing something  with our planting schedule that might sound silly to some people – we’re planning it according to the phases of the moon. Neither one of us has much personal experience with it, but we’ve heard very good things about the results. We figure, it can’t hurt to try it! If you’re curious about what moon gardening entails, you can find a brief explanation of it here:

Ed Hume Seeds in Puyallup, Washington, sells a yearly calendar for moon gardeners. The company asks people who buy the calendar to do a small comparison planting in which they intentionally plant in opposition to moon gardening practices. They do an informal poll of gardeners’ results, comparing plants sown on the “right” days and those sown on the “wrong” ones. You can find a link to one year of their poll results here:

Of course, it seems safe to assume that many of the people taking part in the experiment, and subsequently the poll, are already pretty sold on moon gardening, since they sought out and purchased the calendar. So make what you will of the results. This summer you’ll get to test our results, and that’s the really exciting part!


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