Hi all. Tomorrow is Thursday, which means you can swing by to pick up some eggs from 4-6 PM if you want. We will also have arugula, parsley, garlic scapes, radishes, and lambsquarters. Lambsquarters are a delicious green that grows as a weed in many places in the US. They cook very much like spinach, and have a somewhat comparable flavor, but nuttier and more complex. A simple, delicious way to cook them is to saute some garlic in butter, then throw in lambsquarters and some broth of any sort. Cook them until they change color and wilt, then squeeze lemon juice over. Salt and pepper to taste. They also make a good potherb, and go well in Asian-y dishes using soy, sesame, and spiciness. Basically they’re very versatile and worth trying if you never have.

We also have some starts left; basil is among them, and we’ll try to get back to you about what else we’ve got.


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