Hot Hot Heat

We hear this hot weather is going to back off toward the end of the week.  It might be kind of a relief at this point.

Did you all see the storms Saturday and Sunday nights? All that lightning and wind – very impressive. We weren’t at home those nights, but apparently we got a ton of rain here. The weather service was warning about quarter-size hail, but if that happened somewhere in town it wasn’t at our house.  We did have a little bit of damage to some squash plants, but nothing too drastic. Also, the hoophouse fell down again, but it was not very disastrous and was pretty easy to fix.

We’ve mainly been weeding – and weeding and weeding and weeding – in the garden these days. It’s starting to look much better, for those of you who have seen it lately. If you haven’t been by, something you won’t have seen is that we’ve mulched some of the beds with sheeps’ wool. We heard a story on the radio (here’s a link to the transcript: ) about these mats made of human hair for agricultural use. The mats suppress weeds and help the soil retain moisture, just as any mulch would, but they also supply nitrogen and other nutrients to the soil.

There’s a lady living out north of Bend who has a bunch of sheep, and she was giving away some of her old fleeces for free. We were hurting for mulching material, so we decided to try it out, and it turns out to be very cool. Actually, no, it’s pretty hot – if you put your hand in it after the sun goes down you can feel it still holding the heat of the day.  We have one bed of corn mulched in wool, while the other three are not, and the wool bed is the only one that didn’t get nipped when we had a couple of cold nights near the end of June. That bed also needs watering less often, and the plants in it are greener and taller than those in the other beds. So we are definitely converts to this idea.

Remember pickup this week, Thursday, August 6!


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