Cycles – Bicycles, Nutrient Cycles, Lunar Cycles

We’d like to take this opportunity to reiterate and expand slightly on something that we’ve mentioned in the past. As you all know, pickup is on Thursdays, from noon to 2 PM and from 4PM to 6PM. What you may not know is that on Friday mornings, the first thing we do is jump on our bikes and go donate any produce that wasn’t picked up and that is in excess of what we can can eat ourselves. So if you miss pickup and don’t let us know ahead of time, that food is gone well before noon of the next day. We just don’t have the capacity to keep it around longer than that, and we also think that the people to whom we donate it deserve it to be fresh just as our customers do. So if you do miss a week without letting us know ahead of time, you can feel good knowing that your produce is being put to very good use.

This brings up another point. You may wonder why we seem so inflexible about letting people pick up their veg at other times of the week. The first reason is, as we said above, we just don’t have much storage capacity. But, you may think, why can’t you just harvest my stuff on a different day, if I ask you to? The reason is that harvest is a much longer process than probably any of you know.  Even those of you who garden yourselves may not have harvested on this kind of scale. Usually harvest for the week begins on Tuesday night, continues all day Wednesday, and again Thursday from daybreak until noon, when hopefully we’re all set up and ready to go for pickup. There is just no practical way for us to harvest different people’s food on different days – at least, not if we intend to get anything else done in the garden.

OK, new topic: Plastic Bags! WE HATE THEM! They are, however, the best way to keep many kinds of produce in top condition. And as you’ve surely noticed by now, we do our best to reuse them as much as possible. To that end, if you have plastic bags that you don’t have a use for yourself, we are perfectly willing to take them from you when you come by to pick up your share for the week. You don’t even have to wash them (unless they’re completely nasty, in which case it would be nice if you did rinse them out) because we’ll wash them all before we use them. FURTHERMORE, we did buy some rolls of plastic bags to prevent a shortfall in our supply. You’ll recognize them because they have a green logo that says “Trellis Earth Products”.  You can bring these back too, but… there’s more!

First of all, they are made of corn plastic, so if you compost, and you just can’t bring yourself to reuse them, you can throw them into your compost pile instead of in the garbage. But if you don’t compost, and maybe you’d like to, but maybe you don’t have the space or the inclination to keep a pile of rotting food in your yard, you can fill the Trellis bags you get from us with your food scraps (of all sorts – we don’t exclude meat or dairy from our compost piles), as well as any other compostable organic matter (paper towels, coffee filters, hair trimmings, nail clippings…) and bring them when you come over for pickup. We will compost them for you! Such a deal, no? May we suggest, if you choose to go this route, that you get some sort of a bucket with a lid to keep on your counter or under your sink, and use the Trellis bags as liners for it. Almost anything will do, but if you want to get fancy, there are many kinds of vessels created specifically with compost in mind. We have a nice stainless steel pail, and we’ve also seen plastic ones with charcoal air filters in the lid. If you’ve never composted before, you will probably be pretty impressed with how much it reduces your curbside garbage load. And we would be thrilled to be able to turn your kitchen waste into delicious plant food – which will eventually become delicious human food again!

We’ll make another post later today or possibly tomorrow morning with this week’s veggie list and some recipes, as usual. Oh, and did you know that the Perseid meteor shower peaks last night and tonight? It was cloudy last night, and it’s supposed to be cloudy again tonight, darn it, but if you go outside after dark take a peek at the sky and you may see some shooting stars. Also, the moon is on the wane but it’s still pretty big, and all this wildfire smoke has made moonrise really spectacular the last few nights. Check it out.


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