Last Official Week

This week is the last official week of the CSA season.  However, next week (October 8 ) is the swing week for those of you who missed a week AND let us know ahead of time.  We will send those members who qualify an email today.  Even if you do not receive an email you are welcome to come by and pick up produce. We will deduct it from the amount that we will be reimbursing you for the weeks that were canceled earlier in the season.

This week you will be receiving watermelon, Red Bor kale, winter squash, turnips, sweet peppers, tomatoes, leeks, Italian parsley, Yukon Gold potatoes, and hot peppers (if you wish).

There is an awesome recipe for kale (called kale salad with pinenuts, currants, and parmesan) in an earlier post made on September 15 and Red Bor is an excellent variety of kale to use in it.

Speaking of cold weather, on Tuesday we harvested all of the tomatoes that had any red color, melons, eggplant, winter squash, cucumbers, beans, etc that weren’t up to the temperature change.  The next morning we went out to see how the plants did of the above mentioned and they were all frozen!  So, that’s how we have hot weather crops when the weather isn’t hot.

The cold weather mixes well with hot delicious soup, and this week we have three hearty ingredients for potato leek soup: Yukon Gold potatoes, leeks, and parsley.  Here is a recipe from Epicurious.

If you don’t use all of your potatoes right away, remember to store them in the dark! And if you see any green spots, cut them off – they’re poisonous and will cause you terrible tummy troubles.

The Winter squash variety is ‘Gold Nugget’ and it is a substitute for sweet potatoes in short season areas.  The delicate golden flesh lends itself to endless possibilities.  Make mashed potatoes and throw some squash in, make curry soup with chunks of squash, make a creamy soup by blending it, or just bake with garlic and maple syrup and enjoy by itself.  Remember that is a great site for recipes and ideas.

Stay warm and we hope to see you all next week!


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