Nobody Knows the Weather Like We Do

Getting really busy in the garden! We’ve been transplanting things the last few days. It’s very satisfying because you get to the end of the row and you look back and suddenly there are plants there. It’s been all brassicas (a.k.a. cole crops, or cruciferous plants) – broccoli, collards, kale, and broccoli raab.  Some of the hardiest stuff there is, which is why it does better here than just about anything else. Anyway, now we’re having a really cold night – possibly 21°F, depending on which weather website you check – just after everything was transplanted, so we spent all evening covering the plants with milk jugs and blankets. Putting the beds to bed for the evening. And tomorrow night’s supposed to be even colder. It’s very exciting to garden here! Life and death at every turn.


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