Springtime Franticism

Although the flier for this year’s CSA states Monday, June 7th, as the sign-up deadline, we still have a couple of spaces left, so don’t hesitate to contact us ASAP if you’re interested in joining! Also, please, pass on the information to anyone else you think might be interested.

So, we obviously haven’t been out selling ourselves hard enough. What have we been doing? Well, a few days ago we transplanted 200′ of tomato plants into the garden. We’ve built two hoophouses (we took last year’s 50′ x 14′ hoophouse, with its PVC frame, and rebuilt it as two 25′ x 14′ hoophouses with steel and wooden frames). If you’ve never seen one, a hoophouse is a plastic tunnel with growing space inside, which keeps the temperature there warmer to help out heat-loving plants like peppers and melons. Here is a photo of the hoophouse as it looked a couple of years ago, so you can understand the basic structure:

Looking Through the Hoophouse in Summer of 2008

We put the plastic up on the first hoophouse during a windstorm. Granted, not the best choice (in fact, a terrible choice), but it seems time is never on our side, and so we had no time to put it off. But just briefly try to imagine two people handling a 25′ x 20′ sheet of plastic in the midst of a bunch of wind. It was exciting and brought to mind children’s stories about flying away on the wind.

Some of you will remember the hailstorm last spring that did this to the hoophouse:

Hoophouse Collapse

The new, steel frames will almost certainly NOT collapse like that, no matter what happens. And the shorter length should improve conditions inside, which tended to go well over 100° on hot days – not good for plant growth!

Must go – must work! Sign up and/or tell your friends!


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