“Slow Food” Movement Picking Up Speed

On Thursday, the tentative list of veggies is:

  • Carrots
  • Green Cabbage
  • Beets
  • Summer squash blossoms
  • Chard
  • French Sorrel

We’ll be posting some recipes on Thursday, but please remember to share any recipes you deem worthy.

The fruiting vegetables are coming right along with this hot weather.  It was a long cold spring so these “hotter crops” are a little behind, but they’ll be here soon!  We know it’s a hard wait but the harsh climate dictates the seasonality of available food here in the high desert.  Going to the Farmer’s Market is hard for us because we can find beautiful heirloom tomatoes, new potatoes, sweet corn, etc. all coming from the valley, while in our garden, the tomatoes are still green, the corn tassels have only begun to emerge, and the potatoes are not of any size at all.

Growing food in this climate is tough, and eating seasonally with only locally sourced food is challenging, but the rewards of eating locally and “naturally” raised food are many. And we’re lucky to be so (relatively) close to the abundance of the Willamette Valley, to temper our endless greens with sweet berries and early tomatoes.

We’ll see you all on Thursday…


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