August: inspiring reverence or admiration; of supreme dignity or grandeur; majestic; venerable; eminent.

We recognize that we gave green cabbage week before last, and there’s at least a chance you still have some of it around. In that case, can we suggest a fun, tasty, and healthy science experiment you can do at home? KRAUT! Click here for the sauerkraut guide that we use (well, have memorized). It’s an excellent way to make cabbage last and you can eat it on just about anything. Maybe not quite. But it is wonderful.

The carrots are the perfect size for roasting. You could do the beets with them, too, then let them cool before you serve them. You could even put salad dressing on them, perhaps made with the French sorrel and the garlic.

The sorrel is used as a cooked or salad green, but since these bunches are quite small and it cooks way down, you’ll probably want to use it as an herb instead. According to The Gourmet Cookbook, “Its astringency will offset the richness of smoked salmon, eggs, or a creamy cheese.”

Radish pods are what you get when everyone is sick of radishes so you stop harvesting them and they flower and start to make seed. They pretty much taste like radishes and it would be good to throw them in a salad or stirfry. Maybe even a sandwich. Or maybe just cook them by themselves in a lot of butter.

Everything is looking really great around here. The corn is tasseling, so we should be getting that along soon. The cucumbers are way, way behind. It’s hard to know if we’ll even get any this year, the plants are so tiny still. For about the first month they were in the ground they stayed absolutely the same, probably as a result of the cool weather. The same goes for the peppers, but they’re doing better now. Better than they were doing and better than the cucumbers are doing, too. The tomatoes have a way to go and it’s agonizing, but they look good, and we recently got them all completely weeded and trellised, which should speed them up a little.

Please remember that if you want to drop by and see the garden, or if you want to help out, you can just give us a call and we’ll set up a time with you. We’d love to have you by.


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