Real Food Issues

    We want to announce a couple upcoming events involving the local food system that you may be interested in.  The Central Oregon Food Summit will be happening next Friday, September 10, from 9am to 4pm. Check out the website for more information and think about going and taking part in developing a local food system that this community needs.

    Another event that will be going on the same weekend, September 9-11, is the Real Food and Resistance Conference. Lierre Keith, the author of The Vegetarian Myth, will be speaking two days.  It should be pretty awesome and more politically charged than the Food Summit will be.

    Events like these are crucial for members of the community to be involved in.  Joining a CSA shows your interest in fresh, local and sustainably produced food, but to secure the ability of local farmers to produce food, we need the support of people who desire a food system that works for Central Oregon.

    This week we gave you summer squash blossoms.  Not everyone is familiar cooking with them, but here is link to a squash blossom recipe that will make you a fan.

    Roasting the tomatillos is a great way to use them, you can add them to all kinds of dishes.  Just remember if you do roast them to poke holes (like potatoes) because they can burst open with hot liquid flying all directions.

    We have not found the jalepenos to be terribly hot but check before forging ahead.

    There were just a few tomatoes this week, it’s still a painful wait, but weather permitting, we’ll have more and more every week.  The sweet peppers are turning colors now as well.  Tomorrow night is going to be chilly, maybe around 36 degrees, hopefully it will be just a one night affair though.


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