Cruel, Cool Summer

Last night was chilly… and the plants at our place felt it. We lost most of the winter squash and few of the tomatoes were touched, too. The russet potatoes were hit hard, but they had already begun to senesce (die back for winter) so hopefully it won’t matter too much to their yield. Tonight there’s a freeze warning, so everyone cross your fingers and send whatever powers you have (prayers, love, vibes, wishes…) to help those cold little plants make it through the night. We spent several hours this evening covering tomatoes, some squash, and some potatoes, but the rest is at the mercy of the weather.  Corn, beans, cukes, sweet potatoes, the rest of the summer and winter squashes, the rest of the potatoes, eggplant, peppers, and melons… yikes! At least the latter three are in the hoophouses, which should save them. But no promises.

We spent some time debating about whether to pull the tomato plants and hang them in the garage (the tomatoes will continue to ripen that way) but since it’s such a huge task, and the nights are supposed to warm up after this, we decided the best choice is to cover and hope.

Hope and faith – I learned them growing vegetables.


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