Because I’m Still In Love With You On This Harvest Moon

The weather is cooperating with us this week!  We’ll see if it can hang on long enough to make up for the extended cool spring but we’re not counting on it.  In the meantime, we can all enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Sweet and hot peppers, tomatoes, corn, and melons…the list goes on and we are grateful to the weather gods for the colors that continue to brighten in the garden. 

With the Vernal Equinox and a Harvest moon on Thursday, we are aware of what lies ahead…food preservation, and a lot of it.  For the past three years we have learned to preserve a lot of food.  This is the first year that we have used a pressure cooker that allows us to process low-acid foods such as corn, green beans, eggplant, etc. that could otherwise not be safely processed in a hot-water bath.   

 This week we gave tomatoes-mostly romas, which are for cooking so they’re not going to be the best tomatoes to eat fresh.  We also gave canteloupes again, and they should be eaten right away because we wait to harvest them until they are falling, or already have fallen off the stem.  That means they are the sweetest they could possibly be but they won’t last very long, so eat ’em up!

The weather should be holding through next week so cross your fingers for more red sweet peppers and heirloom tomatoes.   If anyone wants to check out the garden, now is the time.   In a week or two the hot crops will probably be brown, and maybe even in the compost piles, so come check it out!  We’ll be in the garden a lot this week so get a hold of us and come see your food growing!


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