2011 CSA Logistics

2011 CSA season: 22 weeks

First Pickup: June 2

Pickup Day/Time: Thursday, 12-6PM

Pickup Location: at the farm, on NE 8th Street in Bend

We offer egg shares in addition to the veggies.  A half  egg share (six eggs per week) is $49.50 and a whole egg share (1 dozen eggs per week) is $99.00.  If you choose an egg share, you will receive your eggs each week when you pick up your produce.

Payment for the season is due upon sign-up, but we do give you the option to pay monthly if that works best for you. If you choose to do monthly payments, you can send five checks. The first will be cashed immediately upon receipt, and serves as your deposit, securing your membership for the year. The other four will be cashed once monthly thereafter, and can be dated for the first of the month, accordingly.

……………………………………….One Payment……….5 Monthly Payments (each)
CSA Membership                               $575.00                        $115.00
Membership + half egg share           $624.50                        $124.90
Membership + whole egg share       $674.00                        $134.80

We are teaming up this year with Mike and Debbie Holmes from HolmesStead Ranch to bring you locally grown, USDA Certified pork, goat, chicken, and turkey (get your order in early for Thanksgiving!). We’ll have order forms available each week; your meat will be ready for you to pick up along with your veggies the following Thursday.


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