After a Long Hiatus

WOW! OK! The blog is back!

We have been struggling with a severe lack of internet access (turns out there’s a limit to how long you can limp along on a DINOSAUR of a computer; cheapskates!). Things are looking up these days, though, so we’re going to get back into sharing farm doings with our members, friends and family through this convenient medium.

Incidentally, speaking of convenient, if you look to the left of the page, you will see that we have added an email subscription feature. If you sign up, you’ll be notified when there’s a new post, so you can check it out. Isn’t that nice?

So besides posting we’ll try to get on top of those theoretically useful pages, also on the left hand side of the screen (under ‘Veg-Edibles’), which are supposed to give you information about various veggies, including how to prep, store, and serve them. As you may or may not have discovered, some of the pages have info while others are at this point still blank. We’re working to get them all filled! And please, if you run across or create a spectacular recipe, share it with us. We’d love to put it up here to share with other members (and… the world!). Furthermore, if you discover that we have posted information that you dispute, let us know that, too.

And thank you, members, for your patience with us. It’s been a tough year in a variety of ways. More on that later. Anyhow, it’s always worth it when we run into one of you on Thursday during pick-up and you tell us how much you’ve been enjoying such-and-such.  Based on what you’ve been saying, the miner’s lettuce

garlic scapes

and corn salad

have been particular hits this year. The scapes were no surprise, as everyone has always been really into those, but the miner’s lettuce and corn salad were new crops for us, and it sounded like they were new to most of you as well. I’m so glad we all wound up enjoying them so much – especially considering how often they were part of your share this spring!

Cheeri for now!


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