OK, so this week in the shares we had a cucumber, some basil tips, a small fennel bulb, a bunch of orange carrots, a bunch of spring onions, a couple of kohlrabi, a very large bunch of saltwort, a small summer squash called ‘Ronde de nice,’ 5 small purple eggplant, and a bunch of ‘Dino’ or ‘Lacinato’ kale.  NOW it’s coming on!

The thing we’ve been getting the most questions about is the saltwort, which looks like this:

Now, most of the information we have been able to find on this plant (all online; none of our gardening books mentions it) says to use it for the same two things: sushi and salad.

However, this week the stems are long and the bunches rather large. What to do? Well, first of all, definitely go over your saltwort and remove the tough center stems: if you look, you can see that the plants are shaped a bit like small trees, with a thick “trunk” and more slender “branches” going off to the sides, which subdivide into even slimmer “leaves.” I guess they really are leaves, so no need for the quotations there. Anyhow, then you’re supposed to be able to cook these more mature saltwort plants and make lovely things! We found a short article from on this topic that seemed to be the most informative thing out there. Check it out.

Meanwhile, things are really growing along in the garden. Keep your fingers crossed that we can hold onto the warm weather as long as possible! We harvested several pounds of green beans yesterday, so they will definitely be ready for next week. We’re going to have some for dinner tonight (in a Salade Niçoise) – I can’t wait!


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