Broccoli Raab

June 18, 2010:

Broccoli raab is, according to one of our garden books, more closely related to turnips than to broccoli. To prepare it, trim the butt ends, then either peel the lower parts of the stems or chop the stalks into chunks. Heat some olive oil (or whatever oil you prefer… a few drops of sesame oil added to the olive oil would add a nice touch) and briefly saute some minced or pressed garlic. Then throw in the raab and some water (or broth would be good, too) and steam it just until it’s tender. Another option would be a stir-fry, which would be a good place to use the pak choi, as well. Be careful with that, though, as both are on the bitter side. If that’s not the kind of thing that floats your gustatory boat, maybe putting them both in a stir-fry together wouldn’t be a great choice. Or, you could put them both in, but then add tons of carrots, onions, mushrooms, and anything else you like, and make an enormous stir-fry to last several days.


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